Dr. Naomi Cossette R. Luis, Assistant Regional Director for Technical Operations of the Department of Science and Technology VI, presented the agency’s ongoing projects and research funding opportunities on AI/ML, Bioinformatics, and Digital Health in Western Visayas during the 1st Iloilo International Informatics Conference (I3C) on June 20-21, 2024 at the CPMT Hall, University of San Agustin.

Dr. Luis elaborated the various R&D programs and projects under DOST (R&D Consortia and NSTEP Visayas), priority topics and funding sources/support for each sector, and on-going projects related to artificial intelligence in the region.

The I3C aims to document and harmonize research efforts in Western Visayas, Philippines, by convening local, national and international experts and key stakeholders in health informatics and related fields. Furthermore, this activity also strives to facilitate collaborations and promote the sharing of best practices among the participants.

This event was organized by the Center for Informatics (CFI) of the University of San Agustin. (MLCSeñalista/DOST RDIMS)