The regional office provides technical consultancy programs under the Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX), Consultancy for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE), Food Safety, Cleaner Production, and Energy Audit.

Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX)

The MPEX Program provides consulting services to MSMEs belonging to the manufacturing sector on productivity improvement. DOST Region VI in coordination with Guimaras PSTC deploys accredited consulting tea ms to assist clients, implement productivity improvement measures on both long term and short term basis.

Consultancy for Agriculture Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program

Provides consultancy teams to undertake technology improvement and enterprise productivity studies in micro, small and medium enteroprises (MSMEs) in the agricultural and aquaculture sectors.

CAPE aims to institutionalize effective farm management strategies, including transfer and commercialization of better technologies, to improve agricultural and aquaculture productivity.

Food Safety Program

The DOST VI Food Safety Program was established to promote the adoption of safe food handling practices among food processors and other stakeholders of the processed food industry.

Packaging and Labelling Assistance Program

The Packaging and Labelling Assistance Program intends to boost competitiveness through the provision of packaging services – from package development and trainings as well as laboratory and consultancy services, among others.

Experts are available both in-house and external to address the needs of MSMEs. DOST works with a network of partner institutions such as the Packaging Technology Division of DOST-ITDI, Taytay Sa Kauswagan Inc. (TSKI) – Kauswagan Design and Packaging Center, Central Philippine University (CPU) PC-PET and various packaging centers based in State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) as well as local Government Units (LGUs).

Energy Audit

The DOST VI energy Audit Team is tasked to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency practices in the region. The DOST VI has acquired a number of equipment for use by the team in the conduct of audits.

Cleaner Production Technologies

Environmental policies require enterprises to reduce pollution and waste. With the high cost of investment to manage waste products as well as the ever-increasing cost of power and raw materials, many enterprises are already beginning to look for other ways, better ways, to improve productivity and waste generation. The adoption of CP Technologies is an alternative to improve the enterprise’s efficiency and productivity.

Technology Trainings

DOST VI gives high priority in the conduct of technology trainings, seminars and similar activities. This is primarily in recognition of the catalytic role of technology training in technology transfer and commercialization.

There are generally three (3) kinds of trainings being conducted by the regional office. The first are firm level trainings which are mostly requested by MSMEs either for upgrading of their existing technology or for acquisition of new technology which they intend to commercialize. The second are those that are requested by LGUs, NGOs and people’s organizations, trade associations and similar organizations. This kind of training is being undertaken in collaboration with other partners. The third type comprises public trainings that are implemented with strategic partners who participate in the planning, invitation of participants, collection and management of fees generated and the over-all administration of the activity.