Originally named the Special Committee on Research and Development, the Regional
Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) was established on December 6, 2016, under the Regional Development Council (RDC) Western Visayas. Its primary objective is to address the challenges and gaps in regional socio-economic development by ensuring that research, innovations, and other science and technologybased projects are pertinent, responsive, and aligned with regional development priorities

The RRDIC plays a pivotal role in fostering an enabling environment for researchers,
engineers, and innovators to enhance their productivity. Additionally, the committee is
tasked with formulating policies to expedite the advancement of science, technology,
and innovation (STI) in the region.

The committee has the following objectives:

  1. Formulate the harmonized R&D agenda responsive to the development need of Western Visayas;
  2. Identify opportunities for collaborative R&D;
  3. Monitor implementation of R&D projects;
  4. Monitor technology adoption or commercialization of R&D results, and;
  5. Undertake other tasks that may be assigned by the RDC.


The Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) is under the chairmanship of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region VI, functioning as the principal agency for science, technology, and innovation. DOST VI assumes the responsibility of providing financial and administrative support to facilitate the operational endeavors of the committee.

The RRDIC is composed of 19 regional government agencies, academic institutions as well as private organizations that are stakeholders in research and development.