Digitizing reports for emergency response set

An initial dialogue on the digitization of reports for emergency response was recently held through the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Unit (DRRMU) of the Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI).  This initiative will support the project, “Digitizing Reports on Emergency Operation Center for Monitoring of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management with Support to Bantay Panahon Operation”, whose primary goal is to automate generated reports and develop a database that can be used for future reference.

A potential outcome for the project is making use of the Bantay Panahon which aims to put up hydromet stations in every vulnerable community to aid in observation of extreme weather conditions in the vicinity.  Other goals of the project include updating and maintaining the Bantay Panahon Website including the functionality of its support service Flood Alerting System.

Morevover, the projects aims to mitigate extreme weather conditions’ effects, prepare Local Government Units (LGUs) to respond to any weather-related disasters through punctual and reliable monitoring of weather parameters, and to reduce or eliminate altogether the casualty rate during these weather conditions in every community.

The project is in collaboration with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).