IN PHOTOS: The DOST Antique Provincial Science & Technology Office (PSTO) joins hands with various government agencies across the province of Antique in commemorating International Women’s Day.

The collaborative effort saw various government agencies actively engaging in the dissemination of crucial information on women’s rights and laws that support their empowerment. A caravan journeyed from San Jose de Buenavista to Tobias Fornier, making stops along the way to reach communities and distribute enlightening materials.

Upon reaching Tobias Fornier, the activity culminated at Brgy. Abaca covered gym, where insightful talks were given to raise awareness and encourage action towards fostering gender equality and inclusivity in the province.

Amidst the discussion, the Antique PSTO seized the opportunity to showcase and promote the various programs and services offered by the Department of Science and Technology. The PSTO aimed to underscore the pivotal role of science and technology in advancing the status of women and promoting their active participation in various sectors. (TFBYnion/Antique PSTO)