Western Visayas to focus efforts on AI preparedness and integration

With the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors, the Regional Development Council (RDC) Western Visayas through the Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) spearheads the creation of a technical working group (TWG) for Artificial Intelligence or AI. The Technical Working Group (TWG) is composed of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Region VI, National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Region VI, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region VI, Western Visayas Consortium for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (WVCIEERD), alongside academic institutions such as West Visayas State University (WVSU) and Northern Iloilo State University (NISU), to address the pressing need for AI integration into regional policies and practices.

The TWG discussed the urgent need for a regional framework for AI. This need stems from concerns regarding the policy and economic implications of AI, particularly in terms of its ethical use. To address these challenges and harness the full potential of AI, the TWG identified several strategic initiatives. These encompass the formulation of a comprehensive regional AI policy, the incorporation of AI Ethics into the curricula of IT-related courses, and significant investments in human capital development to equip the workforce with the requisite skills for leveraging and innovating AI technologies. The TWG further highlighted the imperative for collaborative efforts between educational institutions and industry stakeholders to ensure the region’s preparedness for an AI-driven future.(CBNochete/RDIMS)