Antique iHub hosts innovation pitching contest

The Brilliant Mind Challenge, University of Antique College of Engineering and Architecture’s 1st CEA Pitching, was hosted at the Antique Innovation Hub or iHub.

The activity was conducted by the University of Antique in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology VI (DOST VI) Antique Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO). It was led by Engr. Cheryl Salvan, TPREN Instructor and Dr. Christine C. Vegafria, ECE, Dean of the UA College of Engineering.

In total, 27 groups presented their innovative concepts ranging from mechanical shoes to health monitoring watches and lightweight eco-friendly construction blocks.

Garnering the 1st price for the Electrical Engineering program was the innovative concepts of a climate-responsive wearable, comfortable clothing with temperature-regulating features or the Tempcomfort Gear. The winning pitch for the Civil Engineering program was a new kind of recycled paper that aims to reduce paper waste and promote sustainability for a greener and more environmentally conscious future called Ecowrite.

The pitching contest fostered a sense of camaraderie among students and set them up for future competitions, empowering them to pursue their ideas. The UMWAD Innovation Hub in partnership with the DOST VI supports the innovative ideas of the youth. Through dynamic pitching, students collaboratively explore groundbreaking ideas, fostering a culture of innovation that propels them toward transformative solutions and advancements in the University and across the province of Antique.