Ino, Alon and Habi brings fun and excitement to the 2023 National Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (NSTW) celebration at the Iloilo Convention Center on November 22 to 26.

These three symbolic characters are 2023 NSTW’s official mascots that represents the three science, technology, and innovation (STI)-themed exhibits as well as the three Visayas regions as hosts for this year.

Ino, the eager and committed character in bright yellow, symbolizes the Main S&T Exhibits situated at the Iloilo Convention Center. He forefronts the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) leading efforts in addressing the country’s development goals through wealth creation, wealth protection, well-being, and sustainability.

Alon, on the other hand, is the blue and wavy one. Aligned with this year’s focus theme, he represents the rich resources and vast potential of the Philippine waters and DOST’s firm commitment in building a sustainable Blue Economy. Alon serves as the fascinating mascot for the Lawud: Marine S&T Exhibits at the JBL Maritime Vanguard.

And lastly, Habi is the charming and vibrant lady character adorned in locally-made fabrics. She stands as the symbol of the tapestry of innovation within the Philippine textile industry, showcasing its brilliance at the Hinabul: Fibers and Textiles S&T Exhibits in National Museum Western Visayas.

Meet and greet them face to face at the Iloilo Convention Center from November 22 to 26! Admission is free.  For more information and updates, download the mobile app at for Android users and for iOS users. You can also follow the NSTW Official Facebook page at