Sixteen (16) Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-assisted micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Capiz join the 2023 Capiztahan Festival.

The participating firms, including El Zabroso, Tatiana Pastry Shop, Ebang’z Mushroom Farm, Moving Arrows Food House, Redd Wings Food and Beverage House, Mon Bakers, Gicalde Farm, Edelicious Snack Foods, Dads Cocoa Farm, Bread Basket Bread and Pastries Shop, Mother’s Choice Food Products, St. Joseph’s Food Products, 4G Ice Cream House, Cakes, Eat Cetera Bakeshop & Snackhaus, Progressive Women Agrarian Reform Cooperative (PWARC), and Lorna’s Processed Food Manufacturing showcased their products during the Maragtas Capiznon and Pyro-Musical Competition as part of the 2023 Capiztahan activities. The firms are all beneficiaries of the DOST SETUP 4.0 Innovation-Enabling Fund or iFund Program.

To provide further assistance to the firm beneficiaries other than the S&T interventions, the DOST Capiz Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) held a Techno-Product Fair to promote their respective products to Capiznons that could potentially widen their market reach. The event was a great opportunity to yield high sales since the Maragtas Capiznon and Pyro-Musical Competition was attended by thousands of people from different municipalities of Capiz which could gradually aid them in recovering from the economic ill-effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With the success of this event, the Capiz PSTO hopes to give more support like this to our beneficiaries in order to further aid in the development of the MSMEs and to establish a community in which each MSMEs helps one another in thriving and being successful in order to represent Capiz on a bigger scale.