Department of Science and Technology VI (DOST VI) regional and provincial staff convene for the conduct of the agency’s mid-year planning workshop.

The planning workshop was aimed to come up with a DOST VI Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 using SWOT Analysis aligned with the new mission, vision, core values, and pillars/themes of DOST.

Plenary and breakout sessions and interactive tools were utilized during the workshop to ensure active participation among the participants. As the participants were grouped with their respective Innovation Teams, facilitators and discussion leaders were also assigned to ensure the smooth flow of the activity.

As a result of the workshop, the group was able to come up with a consolidated SWOT from the outputs of each team. Additionally, strategies on how to address the agency’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats were also identified.

The activity was led by DOST VI Regional Director, Engr. Rowen R. Gelonga, together with Assistant Regional Directors, Engr. Naomi Cossette R. Luis and Engr. Gerbe B. Dellava. The workshop was facilitated by the DOST VI Planning Committee led by the committee Vice Chairperson, Ms. Keithlyn Sarah B. Bernardino.


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