A total of 17 businesses based in Aklan province participated in the Department of Science and Technology VI’s (DOST VI) Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program 4.0 (SETUP 4.0) Forum held at the Aklan Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) in Kalibo, Aklan.

The 17 enterprises come from varied sectors such as food processing, apparel manufacturing, metal products manufacturing, transport equipment manufacturing, and gifts, decors, and handicrafts.

As DOST’s flagship program in providing scientific and technological assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country, DOST VI intensifies the promotion of SETUP 4.0 in Western Visayas.  The program intends to categorize different businesses in terms of the level of development and deliver the appropriate interventions to them.  The interventions can then be implemented at the firm level or at the industry level.

The successful conduct of the SETUP 4.0 Forum in Aklan was led by Aklan Provincial Science and Technology Director, Ms. Dyna Rose G. Tibubos, and DOST VI Technology Transfer and Commercialization Section (TTCS) Head, Ms. May Rose O. Suerte.

By the end of the forum, some participants already expressed interest in availing the program, and comments and feedback were also gathered to help improve program implementation.


For more information about SETUP 4.0, reach out to the DOST Provincial Science and Technology Office in your province using the contact information provided here: https://old-website.dost6.ph/contact-us/.