French breads and pastries such as pâtisserie, boulangerie, and viennoiserie are becoming more popular with the increasing aesthetic food trends in social media. With increasing demand yet low production in the Philippines, Ms. Fumi Madel L. Trinos of Tatiana Pastry Shop decided to explore this niche.

Ms. Trinos started baking moist cakes in tubs just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit where she saw potential for her products in the market. From this, she explored other types of baked goods such as Philippine breads and pastries, as well as those with French origins like croissant, baguette, and sourdough breads. Bread and pastry lovers in Ivisan and Roxas City, Capiz, warmly welcomed Tatiana’s products but the cakes, French breads and pastries are the most popular.

The increasing market demand for her baked goods became both a blessing and a challenge with a home-based facility trying to keep up with the changes in production volume. Ms. Trinos also wants to guarantee to produce the best quality of her products. To do this, Tatiana Pastry Shop requested assistance from the Department of Science and Technology VI (DOST VI) through the Capiz Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO). The assistance will entail funding under the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program 4.0 – Innovation-Enabling Fund (SETUP 4.0-iFund) wherein various equipment and technologies such as food-grade stainless steel preparation tables, convection oven, bread proofing machine, and other necessary equipment, will be provided. The SETUP 4.0-iFund support amounting to Php 1,266,300.00 is targeted to improve the firm’s process, system, and product quality.

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DOST VI and Tatiana Pastry Shop for the project entitled, “Process, Process and System, and Product Quality of Tatiana Pastry Shop” was officially signed on March 13, 2023.


SETUP 4.0 is DOST’s flagship program that provides technological support to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Please reach out to the DOST VI Provincial Science and Technology Offices (PSTO) through the contact details provided in this link: