Food safety was the focus of a training and lecture conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Antique Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) at the University of Antique Sibalom Campus’s Techno Hub.

The activity was held upon request by Dr. Pearl Joy H. Cortejo, Director of Health Services Unit-University of Antique Sibalom Campus to provide participants with learning opportunities regarding proper food handling per the university’s implementation of its health programs.

In attendance were food handlers and restaurant owners from both within and nearby the campus alongside food service majors from the university’s College of Technology who are currently taking up their internships.

Among the notable topics discussed were a quick overview of basic food hygiene, types of food hazards, must-know terms in food safety and preparation, incorporation of proper handwashing into food handling routines, sanitary permits, and health cards. (KJRGagajena/DOST VI-KMU)