Two Ilonggo firms, namely, JJ and G Balut Store and Balay Sang Amo Food Products, allied with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) official by signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to avail of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program 4.0 – Innovation-Enabling Fund (SETUP 4.0-iFund).

The MOAs were signed by the Owner and the accountant of JJ and G Balut Store, Ma. Delma F. Borra and Mr. Augusto P. Borra respectively, and Rheena Casio and Mona Fe Anayan, Owner and Manager respectively of Balay sang Amo Food Products.

The project with JJ and G Balut Store will involve obtaining needed equipment, putting up housing for their livestock comprising of ducks, upgrading existing equipment, and addressing the shortage of duck eggs. The project with Balay Sang Amo Food Products, meanwhile, will mainly involve upgrading existing technology. Overall, the program will help both firms enhance their product quality, improve their systems and operations, and make food processing more efficient. (KJRGagajena/DOST VI-KMU)