5 firms undergo onsite assessment under DOST Food Safety Program

The DOST Aklan personnel together with consultant Ms. Melissa Anne Siena visits five (5) firm-beneficiaries, namely, Latte Coffee Cafe, Lily’s Food Products, Purple Charm Cakes and Pastries, Matteo’s Bakeshop, and Aklan Agricultural Improvement and Marketing Cooperative, for an on-site assessment.

Latte Coffee Café is a homegrown coffee bar and casual dining restaurant. The owners, Mauro Torralba Jr., and Myla Torralba, agreed to conduct the Training on Food Safety on the consultant’s succeeding visit to cater to the firm’s entire staff. A proposed commissary is under construction for Latte Coffee Café and the layout of which will be included in their Food Safety Manual.

Lily’s Food Products, on the other hand, is known for homemade sisig, tocino, and lumpia. The owner, Mr. Marlon Rodriguez, set plans to put up his own facility and requested a plant layout specifically for meat processing.

Additionally, the owner of Purple Charm Cakes and Pastries, Charmaine Marie Baloy, and the production staff have undergone food safety training alongside the onsite assessment. Baloy inquired about the likelihood of availing of the Product Development consultancy offered by DOST VI.

Furthermore, during the assessment of Matteo’s Bakeshop, known for its wide array of baked goods, owner Dennilie Ivy Libutan requested food safety training on the consultant’s next visit. Matteo’s Bakeshop is also engaged with the Product Development consultancy which warranted the setup of visits from both consultants at the same time to ensure proper coordination and collaboration.

Lastly, during the assessment of Aklan Agricultural Improvement and Marketing Cooperative (Aklan AIM Coop), it was recommended that a barrier be placed to separate meat products from agricultural products. Aklan AIM Coop is the proponent for the project, “Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology in Selected Communities in Region VI” under the Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) Program.(KJRGagajena/DOSTVI-KMU)

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