2 restaurants in Aklan tap DOST for basic energy efficiency consultancy

Two restaurants in Aklan tap the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through its Aklan Provincial Science and Technology Office (PSTO) to avail consultancy service on Environmental Management.

Rosa Foods Incorporated and Aquafresh Seafood and Chicken Inasal availed of the said services specifically on Basic Energy Efficiency to enhance their energy utilization, efficiency, and workplace productivity.

Recently, energy consultant Dr. Ramon A. Alguidano led on-site assessments for the restaurants. He was accompanied by Ms. Dyna Rose G. Tibubos, Provincial Director for Aklan PSTO, Engr. Abraham M. Porcal, Assistant Team Leader for Energy Management Program Technical Team, and Arian R. Silvestre, Project Assistant (PA) II of the Science and Technology Services Section. The managers of their respective firms were also present during the assessments.

Every major electronic system and equipment were covered throughout the audit and the findings. These findings will warrant energy management reports which consist of equipment efficiency and alternate procedures to boost productivity and reduce energy consumption.

The Environmental Management Program is implemented under the Science and Technology Services of DOST VI. It comprised of two categories, namely, Environmental Management and Energy Management. Consultancy services under Environmental Management include Cleaner Production, Waste Management, and Environmental Management System. On the other hand, consultancy services under Energy Management include Basic Energy Efficiency and Advanced Energy Efficiency.(KJRGagajena/DOSTVI-KMU)

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