One of the strategies identified in Chapter 14-Vigorously Advance Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) of the Regional Development Plan for 2017-2022 in Western Visayas is to foster STI culture in the region. To do this, the Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) of the Regional Development Council (RDC) Region VI created the Regional R&D Awards last December 11, 2020 through Resolution No. 80 Series of 2020.

With a theme, “Advancing Science, Technology, and Innovation in Western Visayas by Fostering STI Culture in the Region”, the Regional R&D Awards aims to give recognition to outstanding researchers, scientists, engineers, and innovators who had significant contributions to Science and Technology and to the socio-economic development of the region.

Award Categories and Sectoral Coverage

The categories of the awards are based on the Harmonized National R&D Agenda (HNRDA) 2017-2022 of DOST in consonance with the AmBisyon Natin 2040. A total of four (4) R&D awards will be given under the following categories:

  1. Basic Research
  2. Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources
  3. Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies
  4. Health Research


The nominee for the IDLAB AWARDS must:

  1. be a Filipino researcher, scientist, engineer, or innovator based in Region VI with at least three (3) years residency.
  2. either a permanent or non-permanent employee of any private or public institution in the region;
  3. have not found guilty of any offense involving moral turpitude;
  4. have completed or on-going research projects in Region VI for the last seven (7) years (from 2015-2022);
  5. have the following accomplishments:
    • published papers in reputable scientific journals, and/or;
    • research outputs commercialized or adopted, and/or;
    • received research or innovation-related awards from his/her institution or organization.

Guidelines for Nominations

  1. The nomination should be made by any of the following:
    • heads of government or private research institution where the researcher, scientist, engineer, or innovator is employed or affiliated;
    • heads of departments of colleges/universities, or;
    • peer or colleague from academic/professional scientific organizations.
  2. The nominee can only be nominated in one category. In case of nomination from various nominators in different categories, the screening committee will select the category upon confirmation of the nominee.

Requirements for Nomination and Evaluation

For nominations, a fully Accomplished Nomination Form (Annex A) should be submitted to the Secretariat on or before September 15, 2022.

Nominees who will proceed to the evaluation will be notified and be requested to submit the following:

  1. Comprehensive Biodata (Annex B)
  2. Barangay Certificate of Residency of the Nominee
  3. List of certificates of local awards and recognitions received relevant to the category with accompanying certified true copy of the certificates (Annex C)
  4. List of Ongoing and Conducted Research Projects from 2015-2022 (Annex D)
  5. List of Intellectual Property Rights Registered with accompanying certified true copy of the registration certificates (Annex E)
  6. List of Extension and Community Works (Annex F)
  7. List of Scientific and Technological Publications (Annex G)

General Criteria for Evaluation

The Regional R&D awardees will be chosen by the Board of Judges based on the following general criteria:

  1. Originality and quality of published scientific works
  2. Research outputs commercialized or potential for commercialization
  3. Significant contributions to the socio-economic development of the region
  4. Notable community or extension works related to the undertaken research
  5. Membership in S&T and civic organizations

Prohibition and Exclusionary Provisions

1. Falsification of Information and Documents

Nominees who were proven to submit falsified information or documents will be disqualified.

2. Non-eligibility

The first-place winners of the Idlab Awards for the four (4) categories are no longer eligible for nomination for the next seven (7) years. However, they will still be eligible in the other categories of the succeeding Idlab Awards.

Download the forms here:

Idlab Awards Guidelines and Criteria for Judging

Idlab Awards Criteria for Judging with Scoring Rules

Annex A – Idlab Awards Nomination Form

Annex B – Idlab Awards Comprehensive Biodata

Annex-C-Affidavit of Undertaking

Annex-D-List of Certificates of Awards and Recognition Received-2015-2022

Annex-E-List of Ongoing and Conducted Research Projects-2015-2022

Annex-F-List of Intellectual Property Rights Registered-2015-2022

Annex-G-List of Extension and Community Projects Conducted-2015-2022

Annex-H-List of Scientific and Technological Publications-2015-2022