RSTL undergoes refresher training on Sensory Evaluation

The Department of Science and Technology Region VI’s (DOST VI) Regional Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSTL) Shelf-life Testing department took part in an in-house recap training on Sensory Evaluation via Zoom.

Maria Bernarica B. Fusin, RSTL Science Research Specialist (SRS) II, conducted the training, and the panelists were selected based on the following criteria: able to perform sensory tests, able to describe sensory perception analytically, and are critical of products to be tested. If panelists have the right qualities — sensitivity, consistency, and repeatability — they can get the opportunity to become expert assessors.

As the name implies, sensory evaluation, during shelf-life testing, involves evaluating food products through the senses and recording obvious changes that occur over time. This process is a critical aspect of determining shelf-life due to its advantage in observing and documenting changes. Moreover, sensory evaluation can serve a variety of fields such as product development, marketing, quality control and assurance, and research.

Furthermore, the Sensory Evaluation Training was followed by screening of panelists for Color testing via Ishihara Tests, Odor, and Taste testing.

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