The Tibiao TechnoHub of the University of Antique (UA) produces bangus in oil.

The production helps the University achieve its goal of operationalizing all established TechnoHubs within its campuses.

These TechnoHubs are part of the Department of Science and Technology – Community Empowerment thru Science & Technology (DOST-CEST) program which aims to process and conduct value-adding for the available and abundant raw materials in the province of Antique.

UA Faculty and staff namely, Mr. Garner Algo L. Alolod, TechnoHub Manager, Laize Sherie Labios, part-time faculty member and a Food Technology graduate, and Part-Time Food Technologist Mr. Joemel Baui, together with three BS Fisheries students took part in executing production plans.

After products were processed, 10 kgs of bangus, which were the main ingredient, yielded 41 bottles of Bangus in Oil with each bottle weighing a net weight of 200 g.

Finished products were subsequently sold in Tibiao Market with some on display at UA Tario Lim Memorial Campus (UA-TLMC) Canteen for faculty, staff and visitors.

To date there is no available supplier for small-sized bangus, the current raw material supply comes from a private seller and their small-sized bangus do not adhere to the standard size for processing.

Moreover, the production team of Tibiao TechnoHub identified follow-up activities such as getting market feedback, improvement of labeling, and developing variants or flavors.

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