Tech training aids in the proper packaging of dried fish products

A technology training on packaging and labeling will help improve and develop the proper packaging and labeling materials for the dried dilis and ginamos (Sauteed Fish Paste), which are renowned products of locals in Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan.

The said products are stored in plastic bags and stapled to seal with plastic straws that serve as handles and have no labels at all.

The Aklan State University (ASU) – Kalibo Campus Extension and Community Services Section requested for a training on Packaging and Labeling with Graphic Design for members of the ASU-Building an Unparalleled for the New Normal Awesome (BUGNA) team.

This training is in line with the ongoing implementation of the “Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) Program for BUGNA Jawili, Tangalan.

The primary goal is to serve as the way for the ASU-BUGNA team to gain knowledge about the creative and technical processes in packaging and label design.

Conducting the training were faculty members from Central Philippine University’s (CPU) Packaging Engineering Department, namely: Engr. Ron Adrian Dionaldo, Engr. Bernie Cangrejo, and Engr. Danielle Dale Sentillanosa.

Discussed in the training were an introduction to packaging, various topics on packaging development, and graphic design.

DOST VI emphasizes that packaging is a very critical component in terms of food sufficiency or security. Post-harvest losses and spoilage can be minimized and at the same time maximize the value of the fishery and also agricultural products with the right packaging technology.

The latter served the ASU-BUGNA team well since they were tasked to develop their own label for the products.

Concluding the training was a workshop where participants developed potential logos which will be potentially used for the CEST Program for BUGNA Jawili project in developing new and enhanced packaging and labeling materials for the Dried Dilis and Ginamos products.

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