LGU Guimaras, GSC collab to play up food safety in the province

The Provincial Government of Guimaras through the Office of Provincial Tourism and Guimaras State College (GSC) through the Office StudyPH Education Tourism tapped the Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) to extend knowledge on Food Safety in the province.

Among the goals of the recently conducted orientation activity are to present the DOST Programs and Services rendered by the regional office through DOST Guimaras. Likewise, it aims to increase food handlers’ awareness of adapting to new normal protocols, understand the risks in food preparations, good manufacturing, and hygienic food practices, and determine the hazards in various food and beverages offered by enterprises in the province of Guimaras.

The event was held at GSC with a total of 57 participants in attendance. Discussions and lectures were the bulk of the orientation which tackled topics like understanding the concept and importance of food safety, knowing the types of contaminants that make food unsafe, and understanding the five keys to safer food. In addition, various DOST programs and services across the region were likewise discussed.

Moreover, the participants joined the hands-on exercises on proper handwashing, identification of similar-looking ingredients, and food safety mistakes. They also had the opportunity to know the importance of properlabeling of products.

As of this writing, an Impact Assessment evaluation will be conducted six months after the training. It was also recommended that the participants apply their learnings at their respective establishments and share knowledge gained with their co-workers. Additional trainings may be conducted to cover more technical concepts and additional requirements related to Food Safety. (JGagajena, DOST VI-KMU with reports from ADFAsuelo)

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