Redd Wings Food and Beverage House inks MOA with DOST VI SETUP iFund

To enhance product quality, processes, and systems, Redd Wings Food and Beverage House signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as a beneficiary of the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program Innovation-Enabling Fund (SETUP iFund), March 14.

This project seeks to meet the aforementioned goals via the implementation of Science and Technology (S&T) interventions as recommended by the DOST.

According to owner Hanz Lambert Arceño, Redd Wings Food and Beverage House had its humble beginnings in 2019 and even expanded its market reach through social media during the pandemic.  However, they were unable to cater to the overwhelming demand because of insufficient equipment.  They had only one gas range oven with limited capacity and uneven heat distribution, and a single burner.

With the above drawbacks combined with the pizza dough and burger patties’ manual mixing process, customers had to wait for roughly 30 to 40 minutes for their order resulting in unserved product demand.

Other problems included compromised food safety, lack of protected packaging for products, and pizza box storage.

Through the assistance of the SETUP iFund, the restaurant’s plans to become more competitive in the market will be realized by equipment upgrades as a way to take advantage of the market momentum.

With the DOST SETUP, they’ll be able to meet their goals such as increasing pizza dough production output by 400% or from 30 pieces to 120 pieces daily, improving production by mechanizing mixing processes and shorten mixing times of both dough and patties, revamp the system according to food safety standards with food grade equipment such as stainless-steel preparation table and racks, and acquire appropriate packaging in accordance with food labeling law.

These developments can pave the way for more products in their production line including more pizza flavors and expansion to other provinces in Western Visayas. (JGagajena, DOST VI-KMU with reports from MPielago)