RxBox aids monitoring of COVID-19 positive, pregnant women in health facilities

It is very crucial for medical health professionals to regularly monitor the vital signs of pregnant women, particularly those in active labor, and more importantly the COVID-19 positive patients.  The Rural Health Units (RHUs) of Bingawan, Iloilo and Libertad in Antique province, and the Lapaz Maternity and Reproductive Health Clinic in Iloilo City, use the RxBox biomedical device to monitor the vital signs, labor contractions as well as the progress of labor of the pregnant women patients who are in active labor and COVID-19 positive.

The RxBox is a multi-component program that includes biomedical device, electronic medical record system, and training designed to provide better access to health care services in communities all over the country. The RxBox device can reduce healthcare cost by enabling health workers to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients within the rural health facility.  With the use of the six built-in medical sensors, which include the Cardiotocograph (CTG), Fetal Heart Rate Monitor, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oxymeter, and a Temperature, the device allows the diagnosis of the health conditions of the patients in the RHUs.

In Western Visayas, a total of 26 RxBox devices were already deployed to selected RHUs.  DOST VI likewise distributed medical supplies to the respective RHUs to support their needs especially in using the device for bedside monitoring.

“The RxBox device is a great help to us in monitoring the fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions of our pregnant patients during labor”, said Dr. Jennifer Castro, Lapaz Maternity and Reproductive Health Clinic.  Likewise, Libertad RHU Public Health Nurse, Ms. Ma. Ditas G. Bernardo shared, “We are using the RxBox device for bedside monitoring during active labor pregnant patients and for pre-natal check-ups.  We find it very useful and easy to use.”  The device also houses a built-in partograph, a vital tool for health professionals that can help identify complications in childbirth for immediate interventions.

DOST VI has already completed the training of the 1st batch of RxBox project recipients.  Currently, the project team is working closely with the recipients, particularly on the use of RxDetec application for reporting and monitoring.  (SSalazar, DOST VI-KMU)