DOST VI develops Technical Guide on Food Product Packaging for Agribusiness Enterprises in Western Visayas.

The Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) had been implementing several projects to boost the competitiveness of the region’s food sector in partnership with other government agencies, local government units and the private sector.

One of these is the joint project of DOST VI and Department of Agriculture VI entitled, “Enhancing the Market Competitiveness of Western Visayas Agriculture and Fishery Products Through Packaging Improvement”. This is primarily intended to help the existing and start-up agribusiness enterprises improve their market competitiveness by providing packaging related assistance.

The Agriculture and Fishery Sector is considered as a very important component of the Western Visayas economy. It serves as the main source of livelihood and income particularly in the countryside. It likewise provides the needed raw materials for the region’s food processing industry and ensures food resiliency and security for the region’s populace.

One of the components of this project is the development of the “Technical Guide on Food Product Packaging for Agribusiness Enterprises in Western Visayas.” This initiative is aimed to improve the technical competency of DA and LGU extension personnel who are involved in providing technical assistance or support to farmers and food processors in the area of product packaging. Copies of the guide have been distributed to the different provincial offices of DA so that their technical experts can already assist their clients directly instead of always referring them to DOST for assistance.

Critical support to the development of the technical guide was given by the Central Philippine University (CPU) particularly through its Packaging Engineering Department under its College of Engineering.

The technical guide focused on the priority and common commodities and processed food in Western Visayas. It provides tables and matrices which could help DA and LGU technical personnel guide their agribusiness enterprises in choosing the right packaging material and structure for their products. General information about the basics of packaging and how it can provide help in agribusiness value chains and activities were tackled. It contains essential knowledge for the improvement of the quality of local products and enabling these to penetrate local and even export markets. It is hoped that the use of this technical guide will contribute to the further improvement of the region’s agriculture, fishery, and food processing sectors. (FCLima/MASASalazar/DOST VI)