2011 Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits (RICE)
Creative Research Category (Likha Award)
LA 01Aluminum Resonance Apparatus
LA 03Automated Kuryente Machine
LA 04Automatic Flour Sifter
LA 05Bamboo Chair
LA 06Bio-Power Up Hybrid Fuel Additive for both Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Engines
LA 07Collapsible-Reversible Flat-Bed Multi-Grain Dryer
LA 08Composite Wall Paneling and its Method of Installation
LA 09Crab Chips and the Process of Producing the Same
LA 10Densifier Briquetting Machine for Low Density Biomass
LA 11Development and Technology Promotion of the Multi-function (Sterilizer, Pasteurizer, and Dryer) Food Processing Equipment
LA 12Dual Heat Iron ‘N Stove
LA 13Electronic Water Level Switch
LA 14Fish Loaf and the Process of Producing the Same
LA 15Negros First Greenpower Multi-Fed Micro-Battery Charger and “Balay-    Uma”Firefly
LA 16Grid Tie Hybrid Bike-Solar Generator
LA 17Gumins Acid-Base Gas Flow Demonstrator
LA 18Gumins pH Paper Indicator
LA 19Leo Chair
LA 20Light, Temperature, Humidity and Soil Moisture Monitoring Device
LA 21Multi-purpose Stove Dryer
LA 23Portable Single Lane Traffic Controlling System
LA 24Power Generating Platform
LA 25Steam Engine Miniaturized
LA 26Process Solid Waste, Raw, Sun – Dried Nata de Coco Into Medical Supplies And Other Products
LA 27Projector
LA 28Sea Cucumber Soupas and Process of Producing the Same
LA 29Sensor-Operated Clothes Drying Rack
LA 30Side Car Body for Motorcycle
LA 31Printing Machine
LA 32Styrofoam Cutter
LA 33The Utilization of Banana Trunk as Components for Fierboard
LA 34Palay Drier
Student Creative Research Category (Sibol Award) for High School
SH 01Biogas Digester: A Low Cost Fuel Generator Ideal for Household
SH 03Cocos Shell House Tile
SH 04Compressive Strength of Clay Hollow Blocks with Pulverized Oyster Shells
SH 05Human Hairs as Resin for Denture Gums
SH 06Manually Operated Extruder Machine: A Prototype in Making Leaf Briquettes
SH 07Mini Organic Wet Cell Battery: A Prototype
SH 08Modified Water-Pumping Assembly in Windmill
SH 09Potential of Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) Starch as a Component of Bio-Polymer Plastic
SH 11Portable Signal Intensifier for Mobile Broadband
SH 12Recycling of Computer Fans as Laptop Ventilator
SH 13Sugarcane Bagasse As Natural Bioserbent of Copper-Contaminated Water
SH 14Synthetic Lightweight Aggregate as Novel Construction Material from Waste Plastic and Rice Hull Ash
SH 15Enhanced Varnish as Fire Retardant on Furniture
SH 16The Utilization of Orange and Mango Peelings as Cationic Biosorbents in the Solid-Phase Extraction of Copper
SH 17Tin Oxide as a Component in Making the Photoactive Layer in Solar Cells
SH 18Traveler’s Portable Cellphone Charger
Student Creative Research Category (Sibol Award) for College
SC 01Banana Peel Charcoal
SC 03Design and Development WNU-CIB as alternative for exterior and interior walls
SC 04Design and Development of a Rainwater Harvester for Residential and Agricultural Use
SC 05Design and Development of Modular Beams for Single-Storey Building
SC 06Ecologically-friendly interlocking blocks (Eco-blocks) as alternative for concrete hollow blocks (CHB) for exterior and interior walls
SC 07Insect Repellant Candle Using Indigenous Plant Extracts
SC 08Meat Tenderizer Marinade from Pineapple Waste
SC 09Microcontroller Based Electronic Load Controller with SMS Monitoring System for Stand Alone Power Generating Systems
SC 10Multi-Fuel Stove
SC 11Online Math Tutorial System for CHMSC Laboratrory School-Prep Department
SC 12Piss-Off Pet Lover’s Sanitizer Spray
SC 13RGBB Encryption Standard (An enhancement of Data Encryption Standard)
SC 14Rice Hull Lumber
SC 15The Design of Collapsible Toilet using 5 Gallons Mineral Water Containers and used Tarpaulins
SC 16Utilization of Banana Peel Extract in making Anti-Acne and Anti-Warts Lotion
SC 17Utilization of Coffee Oil Extracted from Used Ground Coffee and Rice Washing in making Derma-Soap
SC 18Utilization of Egg Shell as Seed Starter in Agriculture
SC 19Utilization of Egg Shell in Carbon Dioxide Absorber Cartridge in Household Kitchen Exhaust and Barbeque Stands
SC 20Utilization of Grapefruit Seed Extract as a Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
SC 21Utilization of Rice Hull Ash as an Alternative to Cement
Utility Model Category
UM 01Folded Tailor’s Square
UM 02Oil Extractor and Distiller for Lemongrass and other Essential Herbs and Oils