SCHEDULE OF SCHOLARSHIP ONLINE ORIENTATION Here are the 2020 S&T Undergraduate Qualifiers from Region VI and their scheduled orientation via ZOOM Cloud meetings. Kindly download ZOOM Cloud application. (ANDROID) (APPLE) (WINDOWS)


CALL FOR PROPOSALS! The WVCIEERD and DOST-PCIEERD invites you to submit research and development proposals in line with the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors. For more details regarding this call, email wvcieerd.region6@gmail or message WVCIEERD’s FB page. The WVCIEERD will be more willing to assist you with your proposals. #ScienceForThePeople

The DOST VI “Work from Home” scheme

The DOST VI “Work from Home” scheme as per office Memorandum No. 18 is EXTENDED from April 14 until April 30, 2020. This is in reference to the Executive Orders issued by respective LGUs in the region extending their enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the pandemic situation.

Here are 5 important things you need to do while on ECQ

As we stay informed all the time, getting too focused on what’s happening outside our homes. We also need to focus on taking care of our mental and physical health. Here are 5 important things you need to do while on ECQ. Stay healthy while staying at home. #DOSTVI #ScienceForThePeople

DOH Hotlines

COVID-19 is powerfully deadly in some but mild in others. In an article by Sarah Kaplan, William Wan and Joel Achenbach of The Washington Post, “Respiratory viruses tend to infect and replicate in two places: in the nose and throat, where they are highly contagious, or lower in the lungs, where they spread less easily continue reading : DOH Hotlines