ATM: 33 Guimaras farmers train on good agricultural practices (GAP) for safe and quality produce. Farmer participants’ main produce includes fruits, rice, corn, and vegetables. Resource Speaker, Ms. Vivian A. Segobre focused her discussion on the different farming practices and management as well as the challenges of implementing GAP. Moreover, she highlighted farm maintenance, pesticide, and disease management, and workers’ welfare among thers.

“It is necessary to address food safety at the farm level as hazards and contamination can occur in different stages along the production process,” said Ms. Sol A. Salazar, Asst. Provincial Director, DOST Guimaras in her opening message.

This initiative is part of the DOST’s Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) project in the Municipality of Jordan. This project aims to address various issues in the municipality using different project components, namely, economic development/livelihood opportunities, human resource development, health and nutrition, and disaster risk reduction and management, and climate change mitigation. The training on GAP will help ensure that proper practices are observed on other steps during production such as monitoring, field sanitation, and watering.

DOST aims to equip farmers to achieve higher levels of agricultural productivity through technological upgrading and innovation thereby addressing Sustainable Development Goal No. 8 on economic growth. (DOST Guimaras)