Four (4) staff from the Department of Science and Technology VI, Mr. Roxzien Shaye G. Sesbreño, RCh; Mr. Mark V. Rosales, RCh; Ms. Felika Xamantha A. Layson, RCh; and Engr. Hazel Lynn C. Maganto, PChE, completed a three-day training on Multivariant Analysis using AssureNMR software. The training is a continuation of the Bruker CMC-Assist and Multivariant Analysis Training conducted last year.

Bruker NMR Application Scientist, Dr. Chin Hoe Teh, conducted both training sessions which provided the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the AssureNMR software used in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy used in quantitative NMR and is particularly useful in the quality profiling of commodities.

The technical and practical skills in magnetic resonance, structure elucidation using NMR spectroscopy, and interpretation of 1D and 2D-NMR spectra help accelerate research, development, and innovation efforts in the Philippines.

Having completed the training, the four DOST VI personnel are already certified independent Bruker Ascend 600 MHz Cryoprobe NMR Spectrometer users and are authorized to operate the equipment remotely. (HLCMaganto/STSS)