An aquarium tunnel inside the M/V Capt. John B. Lacson Training Ship in Iloilo City opens for the 2023 National Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (NSTW) celebration held for the first time in Visayas.

This underwater-themed exhibit called, Palawud, is an integral part of the Lawud S&T Exhibits which is among the highlights of the celebration by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). This exhibition, a collaborative effort with various agencies and institutions dedicated to maritime and fisheries sciences, showcases an immersive journey.

The aquarium tunnel commences with a panorama of species thriving in freshwater, brackish water, and the open sea from the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC). Subsequently, the virtual kiosk of the Iloilo State University of Fisheries Science and Technology (ISUFST) offers a wealth of information on aquatic resources, complemented by a curated library of seaweed specimens. This offers an interactive experience for the exhibit goers. The culmination of the tunnel is presented by the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) where the development of fisheries techniques and technologies takes center stage.

Delve into the underwater world without the hassle of getting drenched. Don’t miss this unique experience and visit the Palawud Aquarium Tunnel today until November 26 at the M/V Capt. John B. Lacson Training Ship, Muelle Loney Street, Iloilo City.

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