The Department of Science and Technology VI (DOST VI) Regional Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSTL) in collaboration with the DOST VI Packaging and Labeling (P&L) Unit lead a 3-day laboratory immersion activity requested by the University of St. La Salle (USLS) faculty.

Participants were divided into groups where they could undertake respective lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities for three (3) different specializations, namely, Microbiology, Chemistry, and P&L.

Immersion on Microbiology covered lectures about laboratory procedures, steps, techniques, and test methods, procedures for microbiological analysis, and methods of interpreting microbiological test results using guidelines set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through Circular No. 013-010. A hands-on training on the microbiological analysis of food was conducted.

For Chemistry, the participants attended lectures about the introduction to chemical testing laboratory, chemical analyses of food products such as proximate analysis, and common laboratory techniques and operations. The participants were able to practice proper weighing, sample preparations, and analytical calculations during the hands-on training provided.

Participants for P&L were given a lecture on the use of the technical guide on food product packaging. They were able to observe actual label designing and printing at the DOST VI P&L facility and participate in a facility tour of the Central Philippine University (CPU) Packaging and Testing Laboratory. For the hands-on workshop, the participants were tasked to develop individual label designs for an identified food product.

Additionally, the USLS faculty also attended a lecture about sensory evaluation and shelf-life testing.

The laboratory immersion intends to share the latest industry practices, trends, and demands to the participants. It also served as an opportunity to further develop existing academe-industry relationship between DOST VI and USLS. (DOST VI-KMU)