Two Capiz food shops inks MOA to avail SETUP iFund

Two Capiz food shops, B-Side House of Sandwiches and Moving Arrows Food House, inked Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) VI to avail the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program Innovation-Enabling Fund (SETUP iFund) which intends to upgrade and improve each firms’ product, process and system through science & technology related interventions.

B-Side House of Sandwiches, owned by Ms. Ma. Radelyn Joy B. Dunton, began in a 20-square-foot rental space in 2016. Through the support of its loyal customers, it was able to relocate into a larger facility. The shop was shut down during the pandemic but was reopened in 2021.

Presently, B-side is facing challenges related to production that significantly impacts quality, processing, and safety due to the lack of appropriate production equipment. This restricts productivity and, as a result, fails to satisfy customer demand.

With the assistance from DOST SETUP iFUND, B-Side House of Sandwiches, will be able to mechanize its current manufacturing process and in turn, increase production. The firm will then be able to cater the demand of its growing market and to further increase its reach in other parts of the province.

Moving Arrows Food House, on the other hand, is a chicharron business owned by Mr. and Mrs. Reo Denmark and Roderica Garganera. According to the owners, despite the many negative impacts of the pandemic, it gave the opportunity to establish ‘accident business’ such as Esther’s Baked Goodies and Donut Day which are all under the umbrella of Moving Arrows Food House.
Like B-Side, Moving Arrows also targets to mechanize their existing manufacturing process. The manual approach creates production delays, restricting the firm’s output and, as a result, failing to fulfill client demand.

Through SETUP iFund, Moving Arrows Food House will be able to acquire appropriate technologies and equipment for mechanizing baking processes. This will allow the firm to increase production volume and improve product quality in accordance with food labeling law through the use of appropriate product packaging and label to cater the demands of their growing market.