DOST hosts virtual Inception Meeting for S&T Roadmapping

DOST VI joins the virtual inception meeting with regional SETUP focal persons and the partner consultant, Worldwide Quality Assurance – Philippines (WQA Phils. Inc.) for the S&T roadmapping project. The virtual event was spearheaded by the DOST National Capital Region (NCR).

The S&T roadmaps will serve as guides to the regional offices in deploying S&T interventions through SETUP with the aim of steering the wheel towards industry-level development. This is part of the strategy under SETUP 4.0 which is to improve alignment to industry development plans.

SETUP 4.0 is the new phase of program implementation of the DOST’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (DOST SETUP). The transition is a response to the rapid emergence of Industry 4.0, the effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and other forces that are creating deep transformations in local and global governments.

Among the topics discussed were the technical capacity building for DOST regional offices in crafting roadmaps, developing scenario framework, identifying implications, options, and strategies relevant to roadmapping, and scenario building. The estimated duration of the project is seven months stretching from March to September 2022.

The SETUP which is now called SETUP 4.0 is the banner program of DOST that aims to help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) become more competitive by means of S&T interventions which comprises technology and equipment upgrading, consultancy services, and technology training. (JGagajena, DOST VI-KMU/MROSuerte, DOST VI-TTCS)
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