Turnover of Transfer of Ownership for Two M’s Pasalubong Center held

The Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) holds the transfer of certificate of ownership to Two M’s Pasalubong Center under the department’s Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program Innovation-Enabling Fund (SETUP iFund).

The Certificate of Ownership was turned over to the current company owner Jonelyn L. Medilo.  Formerly known as MEEMMJON Malunggay Products, Two M’s Pasalubong Center is located in San Pedro, San Jose, Antique and was established in 2013.

They have been a beneficiary of DOST SETUP iFund since August 2016.  The company originally sold malunggay-based products like powder, capsules, extracts with coco oil, soap, and puto but after the SETUP iFund intervention, they expanded its line to include black coffee rice with malunggay, turmeric teas and capsules, and ginger powder.  Its production has increased by 150% – the volume of production growing from 16 kgs. of malunggay powder to 40 kgs. of malunggay powder per month – and sales have also increased by 172%.  In addition, they initially catered mostly to individual clients and pasalubong centers in San Jose and now they’ve expanded to penetrating new markets in Cubao, Dasmariñas, Bacoor, Producto Antiqueño, Antique Federation of Cooperatives, Inc. (AFCCUI), and more recently, in Bugasong, Antique.

Moreover, some of the new equipment acquired since its engagement with SETUP iFund include pulverizing machines for malunggay leaves and for production of black rice powder or flour, two stainless steel working tables (one of which has an adjustable groove on top and shelves), and three sets of removable, stainless steel malunggay drying trays with 8 layers.

Overall, the SETUP iFund has improved production processes in terms of semi-mechanization of pulverizing malunggay leaves and extraction of young pods.  The process has improved as well in terms of food safety practices and protocols.  However, the company was greatly affected during the pandemic, but it also made use of online selling using its Facebook page which helped with their profit.

The enterprise also benefitted from the DOST’s Consultancy Services for Food Safety, Manufacturing Productivity and Extension (MPEX) Program, and the Packaging and Labelling Program. (JGagajena, DOST VI KMU with reports from Antique PSTC)