DOST VI spurs transfer of SUC-developed techs

Iloilo City – The Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) Fairness Opinion Board (FOB) Secretariat and Technology Transfer Unit (TTU) promote the participation of the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Western Visayas in the generation, transfer, and utilization of its developed technologies for the benefit of the general public.  The FOB renders the Fairness Opinion Report (FOR) that discusses whether the transaction between the technology adoptor and owner is fair towards the Government Funding Agency (GFA).

Recently, an online consultation meeting was conducted to assist the West Visayas State University (WVSU) in commercializing the WVSU-developed technologies.  The conduct of meetings aims to assist the SUCs in Western Visayas in managing and commercializing the Intellectual Properties (IPs) generated from R&D funded by the government and enabling the mechanism of the STI community in terms of innovation and economic progress.

Highlighted in the discussions were the salient points of Republic Act No. 10055 also known as the Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009 including its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for Issuance of FOR and Written Recommendation (WR). It was explained that the Issuance of FOR and WR is only applicable in either of the following instances:  1. When the Government Funding Agency (GFA) directly negotiates agreements for commercialization of the intellectual properties (IPs) pursuant to Rule 9 (a) and (b), Chapter III of the IRR; 2. When the public Research and Development Institute (RDI) directly negotiates agreements for the commercialization of IPs; and c. In the creation of a spin-off firm or company.

To ensure that Intellectual Property (IP) products proceed with commercialization, DOST VI encouraged WVSU to identify IPs with the highest potential of commercialization and start preparing the necessary documentary requirements such as the valuation reports, business plan, IP Commercialization Plan, and others. By commercializing the WVSU-developed technologies, not only the researchers and SUC itself benefit but the industry as well.

DOST VI also wanted SUCs in the region to avail its funding assistance in paying the FOB member’s honorarium through its project entitled: “Support to the Operations of Technology Transfer Unit and other projects in Region VI”.  According to DOST, supposedly, the parties to the commercialization shall pay the honorarium of FOB Members, however, since DOST VI wanted to encourage commercialization of technologies in the region, it created a project to minimize the cost of technology transfer, especially that economic loss is felt due to pandemic and typhoon.

Last year, DOST VI FOB Secretariat consulted 12 SUCs from Western Visayas, after which personnel from five selected SUCs were sent for a two-month IP Valuation Training Workshop for Issuance of FOR.  As a result, the SUCs were able to draft their own IP Valuation report for their selected technology