Dealing with the CoViD-19 outbreak for several months has pushed us in adopting ways of tailoring interventions into local settings, from finding each infected person, tracing close contacts, and placing them under quarantine, to promoting basic hygiene measures to the public.  As we open our community and allow people to go on with their daily lives under the new normal, we need to ensure their health and safety.      

Locally, the Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) has developed S-PaSS, which stands for Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage. This is an online travel management system primarily intended for LGUs to properly manage the travels of locally stranded individuals (LSIs), authorized persons outside of residence (APORs), returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs), and others.  The system allows travelers to apply and register their travel authority, certificate of acceptance, and travel details online through safe, swift, and smart service.  It is strongly encouraged for use of LGUs and PNP stations for them to manage and monitor incoming LSIs and other travelers, issue travel authority online, and acceptance letters.  The traveler can just simply apply for their travel requirements online at website using the mobile smartphone then it will be approved by their local PNP station who are accepting online application for travel authority.  However, the traveler can only apply if the PNP station in the locality has already activated their S-PaSS account.  The key features of the S-PaSS portal have key features that allows the LGUs to manage their LSIs through monitoring the simple dashboard. The LGUs can also require their incoming travelers to use S-PaSS to register their travel.  

The system also has a local mobility feature that replaces the use of pen-and-paper logbooks for visitors and personnel of government offices, schools, and public facilities. It can also be used to document border crossings in LGUs. The clients or visitors will be monitored by scanning their unique S-PaSS QR Code every time they visit an establishment and offices. The system will automatically record to its eLogBook for recording and monitoring purposes. 

Interested parties may email DOST VI at and may also call the office at 033-3200908 for more details.  Register now at for a hassle-free journey.  (DOST VI-KMU)