In the Philippines, the Nutrifacts label for food products is a prerequisite for the Food and Drug Administration License to Operate (FDA-LTO) application. Proper nutrition label helps consumers choose more healthful diets and offers an incentive to food companies to improve the nutritional qualities of their products.

The project entitled, “Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Philippines (GREAT Women 2)” provides assistance to enrolled Women Micro-Entrepreneurs (WMEs) on Nutrifacts Analysis which is a process of determining the nutritional content of food products through various certified methods. This worthwhile strategy is being spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology Region VI (DOST VI) in partnership with the Philippine Commission on Women.

DOST VI provided its assistance to three (3) WMEs. A total of 16 products as of September 2020 underwent nutrition fact analysis and labeling. Among the firms whose products underwent laboratory analysis are the Suarez Enterprise having six (6) products namely, Orega Farmer’s Seasoning, Basil Pesto Biskotso, Classic Biskotso, Piaya Muscovado, Oreramansi Concentrate, and Calamansi Concentrate; Sunburst Balay Tablea has five (5): Fine Chocolate, Soft Tablea Pure (80% Cacao), Tablea Pure (80% Cacao), Tablea Pure with Coconut Sugar, and Tablea de Leche; and for Brendan’s House of Lengua de Gato having five (5): Piaya Original, Piaya Ube, Toasted Banana Cake, Toasted Carrot Cake, and Toasted Ensaymada.

Since the Nutrifacts analysis and label are a prerequisite for the FDA-LTO application, the project beneficiaries – Ms. Junelle Suarez of Suarez Enterprise, Ms. Catherine Taleon of Sunbursts Balay tablea, and Ms. Felomina Sarabia of Brendan’s House of Lengua de Gato appreciate the opportunity to avail of the laboratory assistance and other services. Moreover, they are now confident to display their products on the store shelves as the Nutrifacts label is now incorporated with their packaging and labeling designs.

When consumers shop for their favorite food items, they take time to read the label which makes them aware of the nutritional information the label provides them. It is through the Nutrifacts label that consumers learn about the nutritional qualities of the products they buy and plan a healthy diet for them and their families. (SSaalazar/DOST VI-KMU with reports from BPanes and DOST VI GIA)