Recognizing how science-based approaches can mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, DOST VI implements programs, projects, and activities for the rehabilitation and recovery of the affected sectors in Western Visayas.

A series of free S&T webinars dubbed as Expert-O or the Expert Online was offered by DOST’s OneExpert portal to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The webinar series entitled, “Business Opportunities in Food Innovations” was up for two sessions namely, Innovations in Food Processing and Healthy Food Alternatives via Google Meet and DOST OneExpert portal. It has engaged a total of 391 participants from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
The webinar series aims to help MSMEs recover from the economic loss by introducing new business prospects from the roster of food technologies developed by the DOST Research and Development Institutes (RDIs).

INNOVATIONS IN FOOD PROCESSING. The webinar on Innovations in Food Processing is the first session of the webinar series that featured food technologies developed by the DOST-Industrial Technology and Development Institute (DOST-ITDI). Led by the DOST-ITDI Executive Director, Dr. Anabelle V. Briones, the webinar on Innovations in Food Processing introduced 11 technologies for pre-commercialization, eight (8) technologies for extension and four (4) technologies for the public good.

HEALTHY FOOD ALTERNATIVES. The webinar session on Health Food Alternatives emphasized the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food in building immunity against all kinds of diseases. The webinar featured healthy food alternatives developed by the DOST-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) which the MSMEs can commercialize during this time of the pandemic.
Food scientists from FNRI presented 21 innovative food technologies.

The MSMEs in the region who are interested to adopt DOST-developed technologies may send their letter of intent to DOST VI. The DOST-ITDI and DOST-FNRI also conduct free technology-based livelihood training. Request training through or email your request to Watch the recorded webinars in OneExpert’s Youtube channel and follow OneExpert and DOST VI on Facebook for more webinar updates. | SSalazar/DOST 6