Dr. Emelyn P. Flores, DOST VI Assistant Regional Director for Technical Operations welcomes the participants to the Science and Technology Academic and Research Based Openly Operated Kiosks, or STARBOOKS Consultative Workshop at the DOST VI Conference Room, LaPaz, Iloilo City.

Developed by the DOST-Science and Technology Information Institute, STARBOOKS is a digital library that serves as one-stop repository of S&T information that can be updated regularly. It provides offline access to over 500,000 digitized journals, publications, technical and project reports, theses and dissertations, and directories.

STARBOOKS also contains both local and foreign S&T sources in text, video, and audio formats which can be accessed even without internet connectivity.

STARBOOKS plays a vital role in providing Filipinos S&T educational resources, especially to public libraries and school that have inadequate resources, especially in remote provinces. Since its implementation in 2012, STARBOOKS has already been installed in thousands of sites across the country. Each year, STARBOOKS aims to expand its reach and add content with the help of partners. It has earned several awards for its unique and highly-relevant service. (JRAGabiota)

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