Enforcing the provisions of the Consumer Act of the Philippines and protect consumers from defective and unreliable measurement of goods and services, the Metrology Testing Laboratory (MTL) of DOST VI Regional Standards and Testing Laboratory (RSTL) started the Calibration Caravan and Campaign today at Cuartero Public Market in Cuartero, Capiz. The activity primarily aims to bring laboratory and testing services to the level of the Local Government Units (LGUs) and making it available in the countryside. Likewise, it aims to foster collaboration and partnership between DOST VI and the LGUs through calibration services. The conduct of calibration and sealing of calibrated instruments and equipment will run for three days.

Measurement is a critical in the selling of goods and services by various business establishments. However, the accuracy and reliability of measurements are doubtful unless the instruments are properly calibrated. Calibration ensures that a measuring instrument displays an accurate and reliable value of the quantity being measured. (MASASalazar/DOST VI-KMU, Photos by EFBotin III)