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DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship

We are now in the era of global competitiveness. Presently, our labor-market situation shows that there is a limited and prescribed demand for scientists/engineers. In response to this concern of developing a greater number of competent technical manpower, the Science and Technology Scholarship Program was created.

A. General Criteria of Eligibility:

The applicant must:

  1. Belong to the upper 5% of the high school graduating class;
  2. Be a natural-born Filipino citizen;
  3. Be in good health;
  4. Be of good moral character; and,
  5. Be a qualifier of the 2006 S&T Scholarship Examination.

The following are NOT QUALIFIED to apply:

  1. Those who have earned units in any post-secondary/undergraduate course.
  2. Those who have taken any DOST-SEI Science and Technology Scholarship Examination.
  3. Those who have applied for resident/immigrant status in the USA or any other country.

B. Scholarship Privileges:

  1. Tuition and other school fees not to exceed Php 4,500/semester/term.
  2. Allowance for prescribed textbooks and essential school supplies at Php 3,000/academic
  3. Outright grant for prescribed Military Science/Physical Education uniform of Php 500.00 for first semester, first year only.
  4. Free transportation for one economy-class round trip fare between permanent residence and place of study on reimbursement basis (for those studying outside of their home province).
  5. Monthly living allowance for a 10-11month duration depending on the awardee's scholarships category as full, partial, or special which shall be based on certain socioeconomic indicators:
    • For those who will pursue BS Physics, BS Applied Physics, BS Physics for Teachers and BSE Physics Teaching and Technology, a monthly living allowance of Php 4,000/P2,150/P1,825; for full/partial/special scholarship, respectively.
    • For those who will pursue other DOST priority courses, a monthly living allowance of Php 3,000.00/Php1,400/Php 1,200 for full/partial/special scholarship, respectively
  6. Group health and accident insurance;
  7. Additional privileges during summer, if required in the curriculum such as:
    1. Monthly living allowance during the required period;
    2. Tuition and other school fees not to exceed Php 1,500;
    3. Actual purchase of textbooks and essential school supplies not to exceed Php 500.00 (official receipts required).

C. Items to be Submitted:

  1. DOST-SEI Information Sheet (using Form A);
  2. Health Certificate from a licensed physician (Form C);
  3. Certification of Good Moral Character from guidance counselor/principal (Form D);
  4. Certification from the high school principal on the following (Form E):
    • That the applicant belongs to the upper 5% of the graduating class
    • Total number of candidates for graduation
  5. Statement of applicant that he/she has not taken any post secondary/undergraduate course (Form F);
  6. Statement of parent that applicant has no pending application for immigrant/resident status
    in the USA or any other country (Form G);
  7. Two recent photographs (1"x1") taken within the month of application, one to be attached to the DOST-SEI Information Sheet and the other to the Test Permit;
  8. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

Note: All certifications are found in the application form.

D. Test Fee

  • A non-refundable test fee of Php 200.00. Applicants should send postal money order instead of cash when mailing applications. The payee of the money order should be SCIENCE EDUCATION INSTITUTE.
  • SEI can accept only cash, postal money orders, telegraphic transfer, certified cashier's and manager's checks. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

E. Where to Secure/File Application

  • Application forms can be obtained at the Science Education Institute, 3rd Floor, PTRI Bldg., Bicutan, Taguig City, MM., DOST Regional Offices/Provincial Science and Technology Centers (PSTC).
  • Accomplished form can be filed at the Science Education Institute, 3rd Floor, PTRI Bldg., Bicutan, Taguig City, MM., or DOST Regional Office/PSTC nearest the applicant's school or home address.

F. Scholarship Requirements

  1. An awardee must seek admission and enroll at any institution identified by DOST-SEI. He/she should pass the qualifying examination for admission by the university at which he/she plans to enroll.
  2. An awardee shall comply with the terms of the scholarship agreement to be entered into between himself/herself, parents or guardian and the DOST-SEI.
  3. After signing the Scholarship Agreement, the awardee’s name shall be included in the lists of scholars needing clearance from DOST-SEI forwarded to the Department of Foreign Affairs, National Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Immigration
  4. An awardee shall maintain the grade requirement of the scholarship.
  5. Upon completion of his/her Bachelor of Science course, an awardee shall serve in the
    country preferably in his/her home region on full-time basis along his/her field of training
    for a minimum period equivalent to the length of time he/she enjoyed this scholarship.

G. Examination Coverage

This is an aptitude test designed to measure abilities that determine academic and professional success in the different areas in science and technology. The test is divided into two major components:

  1. Intellective

    Scientific Ability; Quantitative Ability;
    Mechanical and Technical Ability
    Linguistic Ability; Imagery; Working Memory
    and Sensorimotor Ability

  2. Non-Intellective

H. Selection Criteria

The awardees shall be selected on the basis of their performance in the 2006 S&T Scholarship Examination.

I. Final Selection

The list of awardees as approved and announced by the DOST Secretary is final and unappealable.

Courses Offered:

The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) shall award scholarships in baccalaureate degree programs to those who wish to pursue any of the following courses at identified universities:


1. Adamson University ChE, IE, CoE, EE, CerE, ME,
2. Aquinas University CoE
3. Ateneo de Davao University Chem ME, EE, ChE
4. Ateneo de Manila University Chem, Math, Physics Environmental Science,
CS,ECE, CoE, Chem with
Applied Comp/System,
Chem with Materials Sci &
Engg., Physics with Materials
Sci & Engg., Applied Math
Maj. in Computational Science
5. Batangas State University EE, ME
6. Bulacan State University EE, ME
7. Cagayan State University CoE, EE
8. Central Philippines
9. De La Salle University Chem, Math, Physics ME, ChE, ECE, IE, EE, MfgE,
10. Don Bosco Technical
11. Holy Angel University EE, IE, ECE
12. Mapua Institute of
ChE, EE, IE, MetE, ECE,
13. Mariano Marcos State
14. MSU-IIT Chem, Math, Physics ME, EE, MetE, ECE,
15. Philippine Normal
Physics Teaching, Physics
and Technology Teaching
16. Rizal Tech. University EE
17. Silliman University Chem, Math, Physics ME
18. St. Louis University ChE, IE, MiningE, ECE, EE,
19. Tarlac State University EE
20. TUP-Manila ME, ECE, EE
21. University of the East ME
22. University of Mindanao ME, EE
23. UNO-Recoletos ME
24. University of the
Chem, Math, Physics ME, EE, IE, MEtE, ChE,
Biochem, MBB, MiningE, CS,
ECE, CoE, Geology,
MaterialsE, Physics Teaching,
Agricultural Chem, Agricultural
25. University of San Carlos Chem, Math, Physics ChE, CoE, ECE, EE, Physics
Chem Teaching
Physics Math Teaching
26. University of South
Eastern Philippines
27. University of Sto. Tomas Chem, Math ECE, IE, ChE, EE, Bio Chem,
28. University of St. La Salle ChE, CoE, ECE
29. Xavier University Chem, Math ChE, ME, EE
30. Wesleyan University ECE
31. Western Institute of